Thomas Baignères


Since 2010, I am a Cryptography & Security Expert for CryptoExperts in Paris !


I received a Ph.D. in 2008 under the direction of Prof. Serge Vaudenay, head of the Cryptography and Security Laboratory (LASEC) at EPFL, Switzerland. My main research areas cover block ciphers and their cryptanalysis. I then spent some time in Belgium where I worked as a consultant and researcher for Smals.


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ECRYPT Workshop on Lightweight Cryptography

Posted in November 2011

I am part of the program committee of the 2011 edition of the ECRYPT Workshop on Lightweight Cryptography.

LC 2011 is organized by the UCL Crypto Group and sponsored by the SymLab and VAMPIRE virtual labs of the Network of Excellence in Cryptology - ECRYPT II. It will be held on November 28-29, 2011, in Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium.

How Far Can we Go Beyond Linear Cryptanalysis?

Joint work with Pascal Junod, Serge Vaudenay
Published in the Proceedings of ASIACRYPT 2004

Several generalizations of linear cryptanalysis have been proposed in the past, as well as very similar attacks in a statistical point of view. In this paper, we define a rigorous general statistical framework which allows to interpret most of these attacks in a simple and unified way. Then, we explicitely construct optimal distinguishers, we evaluate their performance, and we prove that a block cipher immune to classical linear cryptanalysis possesses some resistance to a wide class of generalized versions, but not all. Finally, we derive tools which are necessary to set up more elaborate extensions of linear cryptanalysis, and to generalize the notions of bias, characteristic, and piling-up lemma.

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